About Us

Hypec Information Technology Services is a service driven organisation whose expertise is utilised to develop and service new technologies for business.

A major reason why Hypec has been so successful is that we’ve responded quickly to an increasingly specialised market, offering competitive and individually tailored solutions for our clients. Retaining a notable private and public sector presence, Hypec is proud of its commitment to Australian business and proud to have the expertise to develop quality products for corporate consumption. It’s this level commitment that’s proved crucial in retaining customer loyalty as technology continues to evolve.

How We Support Our Clients

The relationship between information and delivery is more acute than ever before.

Clients – like technology – are becoming increasingly sophisticated and will no longer accept a solitary piece of their networking puzzle without lateral thought built into each element of their computing solution. Offering choice and the opportunity to develop a clear strategic approach to information technology is largely why Hypec has maintained its position as a provider perched comfortably between large, unmanageable groups and the inefficient boutique operators.

In fact it’s no accident that Hypec’s register of clients has continued to grow and diversify reflecting not only changes in the market place but changes in the way commercial relationships are nurtured between suppliers and clients.

How We Work

Unlike most companies, Hypec in unencumbered by ‘top heavy’ management structures. The sales, service & logistic support teams are encouraged to own their task and where practical, report directly to clients. A Project Manager is the first and last line of client liaison.

Accessibility maximises client service.

By streamlining the process of research, sales and after sales service, Hypec is able to reduce operating costs and increase its value to clients while maintaining efficient workplace practices necessary for continued growth.

Hypec has implemented several immediate and flexible facility management solutions that operate within the framework of our clients organisation. And since business activity falls outside a ”9 to 5” timetable, our level of support also operates outside those hours.

Networking & Administration Services

Offering multi platforms with high degrees of interoperability, Hypec is able to implement networking solutions designed specifically to client specifications.

Hypec is staffed by a highly qualified and committed team of engineers, data processing specialists, production specialists, network designers & consultants, certified cables, e-business specialists, trainers & sales people.

Networks – of course – are only as good as the level of after sales support.

What We Offer

Hypec Information Technology Services is constantly expanding its markets through continued awareness of technological trends. We realise that commercial prosperity can only be achieved through strategic alliances and partnerships – both with suppliers and clients.

Swift, accurate response to product knowledge, customer service practices, technical support and financial packaging are Hypec’s points of difference.

We believe the only way to remain competitive and at the forefront of information technology is to ensure clients are privy to similar intelligence as it presents itself.

Hypec ITS can offer you total network solutions, some of the areas that we specialise:
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Centralised Network management, Anytime – Anywhere
  • Certified Structured Cabling (Planning, designing and installing total Data, Voice, Power, and Video Solutions)
  • Network Auditing and Projected Managing
  • Network Contracts
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Network Analysis & monitoring
  • Microsoft & Novell network training
  • Web design, development and management